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    Secretly record everything happens on your computer for covert surveillance on kid, spouse & employee.


Log Everything Happens on Your Computer

Secretly record all keys typed on your keyboard to control everything that happens on your computer! Wise Free Keylogger performs overall monitoring on everything that is typed on keyboard including passwords, emails, chats, document, etc. and logs clipboard changes, all internet navigation, applications ran by users and many others.


Completely Invisible and Undetectable

This free keylogger software runs in a stealth mode, making it completely invisible from any user's view so that people will have no idea that if their activities are being monitored or not. Once installed, it will start automatically at system startup and no one can bypass this program or stop it from recording until they uninstall it.


Covert Surveillance on Kid, Spouse & Employee

Wise Free Keylogger has the ability to record everything your children do online including programs they use, searching information in browsers and conversation in chat rooms, etc. to ensure the proper use of computer. It can also be used as a spouse loyalty checking program to record every activity happened on your spouse's computer. You can use it to monitor your employee's computer activities at work time to safeguard your company against lost productivity, liability and even theft.


Record Email & Chat Conversations

Record sent and received POP3/SMTP email in Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, Thunderbird, The Bat and many others. Wise Free Keylogger can also log all keystrokes in chat conversations, allowing you know what others often talk about on the Internet. It has the ability to record keystrokes typed in any chat, LAN application or Internet instant messenger like MSN, AOL, GTalk, Skype, Yahoo messenger, ICQ, AIM, etc.


Automatically Collect Information in a Log Report

Forward generated log reports with all the details you need: all keyboard typing, date & time, filename, directory, application window, etc. It can be configured to automatically update the log report within the time duration you specified. You are allowed to view the output log file in a hassle-free way because it is even compatible with multiple operating systems on one computer.


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What can you do with Wise Free Keylogger

How to Log Key Strokes for Supervision and Other Purposes
How to Log Key Strokes for Supervision and Other Purposes?

In today's wired world your children are only a few mouse clicks away from inappropriate and damaging content. Sometimes you might suspect that your employees are abusing business work hours. With Wise Free Keylogger, you will never need to worry about these things because it can record all the activities happened on your computer in a hidden mode. This key logging software is becoming popular among parents, employers, spouses and network administrators because they leave no doubt in their minds as to what their computer users are doing on the Internet if improper activity is detected then action can be taken. [More...]

How to Hide/Unhide the Keylogger and Manage Report
How to Hide/Unhide the Keylogger and Manage Report?

If you are willing to record all keystrokes on your computer to back up your keyboard's activities so as to check it anytime and anywhere, Wise Free Keylogger is just what you need. This professional logging tool can capture everything happens on the computer including keystrokes, email sent and received, chat messaging and communications, online searches, website activities, application usage, etc. providing you with all log reports with customized updating time. [More...]

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